About Us

NaturalistBlonde began as a time wasting venture by Natalie during her studies on the Isle of Cumbrae, aimed at justifying the time out in the wild. Over the past seven years, NaturalistBlonde has transformed from an excuse to get out and explore her new home, to a means of educating and engaging people with their surroundings. Over this time we have explored many of the most picturesque and diverse habitats Scotland has to offer, from the wild Western Isles to the cool Caledonian pine forests.

Today NaturalistBlonde represents a small, able team. Driven by a collective love of nature we have developed a range of year round trips which we believe showcase British wildlife at its finest.

 is a marine biologist and keen birder. Originally from Nottinghamshire, she moved to Scotland in 2011 and set about exploring, photographing and blogging much of the marine and terrestrial wildlife she came across during her travels. Since leaving Scotland, she has lived in moved the length of the UK, from Yorkshire to Buckinghamshire, then on to Hampshire. Through the blog NaturalistBlonde she documents the more exciting of her interactions with nature, as well as regular updates on her stomping grounds at both Kindrogan in Perthshire and Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae.

When she is not ricocheting around the UK with bins and camera, Natalie finds gainful employment at the University of Portsmouth. Previously she worked for the University Marine Biological Station Millport, The Field Studies Council, the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Open University. She is also an active volunteer for the RYA, Scout Association and Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre. 

As well as holding a PhD in Marine Biology, Natalie is British Mountaineering Council trained, holds her RYA Powerboat Level 2 ticket, and is a qualified snorkel and canoe instructor. 

THOMAS CHRISTIAN (left) is an avid birder, popular stand-up comedian and other half of the "Blonde Birders". Growing up in the West Midlands he regularly surprised more seasoned birders by being the one to drag his father on numerous twitches to innumerable reserves. 

Tom began visiting the highlands and islands with Natalie in 2012 and has developed an extensive knowledge of the key sites. Tom can most frequently be found roaming the Midlands and the wilds of North Norfolk with bins and scope.

With years of experience under his belt, Tom's ID skills are second to none.